The insurance broker is a specialist on the insurance market. We offer services to both private persons and companies.

Many insurance companies are present on the market, offering more and more insurance products in and very diverse offer on the market with more and more specialized products emerging. Under these circumstances the client have more and more issues in finding the optimal solution to his problem, advanced knowledge on how insurance systems are functioning being necessary.

Here we can help you as specialists. We know very well the particularities of the insurance market, the products that are offered and the market context, we can help you choose and offer the best solution from a multitude of options.

Our services:

  • Risk assessment, analysis, management and evaluation
  • Evaluation of the existing insurance programs
  • Elaboration of recommendations for risk reduction
  • Designing the most suitable insurance program
  • Negotiation of the insurance polices without additional costs if contracting insurance policy is requested
  • Assistance and consultancy filling loss and compensation files
  • Insurance policies and insurance contracts adjustments to your business dynamic

Your advantage:

Avoiding supplementary expenses which you would have if:

  • You did not get the best quality-price ratio when you signed the insurance policy
  • The rates you pay are higher than if you would adopt some risk reduction or protection measures
  • Your insurance policies aren’t covering all the risks and an unfortunate event would produce loses which are not insured
  • You would need to hire additional staff for risk management
  • The compensation file is not filled in time and/or is not covering all required aspects when and insured event occurs

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